Savannah Jo Lack
"Tamra Engle is an artist whisperer. She approaches her craft with unwavering commitment and is not content until she has found a way to help her clients reach their full potential. Tamra's unique talent is her ability to divine the truth and motivation behind her client's artistic goals. She goes beyond simply addressing the obvious roadblocks to an artist's career, by working consistently to help them discover the best way for them to deliver their message, (both inwardly and outwardly) to the world. I recommend Tamra and her skills to anyone who wishes to begin a new phase of creative expression without the weight of unseen impediments that so often hold back artistic and professional success."

Savannah Jo Lack

"I found Tamra through NARIP, and she has been incredible in her assistance with my husband's (Powell St. John) music and art career. She came into our lives, assessed what we were doing, and helped us to organize our efforts in a much more effective manner, by assisting us to get a new web site and begin selling Powell's art work. She is amazingly smart and knowledgeable about the music industry and easily and clearly sees what needs to happen to create success. Plus, she is a wonderful human being and is also lots of fun.”

Toby and Powell St. John

Coyote Grace

“Tamra combines a love and passion for indie music with many years of practical experience and corporate know-how into a workshop setting that was both fun and productive. I left feeling like I had direction (finally!) about where I want my business to go and what steps I need to take to get there. The workshop brought things down to a tangible level, and gave me a feeling of empowerment that I too can have a sustainable and organized career making art that serves the world. Thanks Tamra!"

Joe Stevens
Coyote Grace

Karyna Cruz

"I took private songwriting lessons from Tamra. She listened to my needs and helped me with whatever I wanted to work on - whether it was advice on a particular lyric or teaching me how to play a blues progression on guitar. She is an endless supply of activities and exercises that help get the creativity flowing. Her lessons were a perfect balance of structure and flexibility. I walked away from every class with a specific, concrete assignment to work on, but I also enjoyed the relaxed environment she created. Even just chatting with her gave me great insight and ideas. In a nutshell, Tamra is a caring teacher and kind, warm-hearted person. I wrote some of my best songs after my time with her. I know I will be calling her again!"

Karyna Cruz

Steven Gary
*NOTE FROM TAMRA: I am NOT a legal expert, the review of business agreements was to determine IF the deal had key points in the artists interest that would make it suitable for legal review. ALL contracts should have a final review by a legal expert PRIOR to the artist or band signing.

"I recently received a contract offer from a music publishing company.  I figured I "knew all about it"  from having been around the industry so long, but I figured it's always a good idea to have a second opinion, so I asked Tamra to look it over. I'm sure glad I did! 

While she did bring up some points, she brought to light a number of issues with the contract that I didn't see at all, ramifications of the deal that I would never have thought of.  Beyond the contract, she checked out the company itself, using her contacts in the industry to verify their legitimacy - or I should say lack thereof! Thanks to Tamra I avoided sinking my whole catalog to a veritable black hole, and I have the increased education on the subject to avoid such things in the future".

Steven Gary

"Happy New Year Tamra! I've had so much positive feedback on the music video you all did for me, thank you so much! I want to do another soon and I'd like you to help me."

Dr. Marvin Woodside

"Tamra is an inspired woman, full of life and self-expression.  She is generous with her knowledge, and her love of music lights up the room.  I reconnected to myself at her workshop as I shared some of my new compositions.  There was an absence of ego, and yet her personality filled the room.  Tamra is an asset to the musical community and to the community of soul.  Take care, Tamra.  You have inspired me!"

Matina Coulouris

"I really appreciate you being a resource for me. You helped me prioritize my tour planning and CD distribution strategy. For the 1st time I don't feel overwhelmed, and feel prepared for the upcoming tour"

A.S.,  California   (Private Client)