THE CREATIVE PROCESS;    PT 2 of a monthly series dealing with the "Creative Process" to help independent artists careers.

When life is puffed into us, we are born artists, some of us enthusiastically embrace this fact, others may have their creative urges stuffed into a little corner and don’t ever go “play there”. I like to think they are the grumpy jerks that cut you off when your driving, individuals mad at the world.

There is a process that occurs when you, as a artist are giving birth to creativity.
The creative process is really a series of steps to achieve a creative outcome, whether that is a play, painting, sculpture, or song.

If you view the creative process as a pyramid,  over the next few posts we will review the 7 steps in the creative process starting now with the very foundation.

who we are
A Personal Brand- is what you as a individual are putting out to the world. To have a successful creative career you need to have a clear understanding of your Identity or who YOU are, then, you can watch the magic that happens when you align your public brand, what people see, with your core values.
Your core values are the things in life that determine your tastes and thoughts, it is where social, political, and religious beliefs are held.  As children growing up, our parents and any religious experiences we have heavily influence our values and identity.   

Some values evolve as life experiences and influences take place, while other values stay fixed throughout our life these 5-10 fixed values are our core values.

It isn’t always what the artist says but the image they are conveying.  Think of your favorite artists of all time, pick 3 words to describe their style.  Your list is probably going to include artists who believe in the same kind of  things you do.
The 3 basic elements of a strong Brand Identity include:
Values:  knowing the core beliefs that are important to you, they are what drive your brand.
Difference: What makes you uniquely different from everyone else?
Marketability: In your field how marketable are you?  In the old Hollywood film days they used to refer to actors that transitioned from Vaudeville stage to screen as “triple threats” because they could sing, dance, and act.  It greatly increased the actors ability to work because they were so marketable, because of their versatility!   Today you may recognize them as the artists selling all the records who are the dancing, singing, “check out my new movie” artists.

What does a personal brand do for you?

Your Personal Brand is like putting your stamp on everything you do. It is your most valuable asset because it encompasses your intangible qualities and puts all that knowledge into a platform that helps guide your life and career, while presenting your uniqueness in a tangible,  marketable and valuable way. Your platform is your launching pad, roadmap and touchstone rolled into one.
It gives you:
·   A strong sense of self – you’ll know your story and be able to present it
·   The comfort of feeling centered on making career decisions.
·   A clear vision and sense of purpose.
·   Knowledge on what’s really important to you.
·   A CAN-DO attitude and mindset.
·   Clear focus.
·   Knowledge how to position yourself as an expert and in the best light possible.
·   The ability to put yourself at the top of the pile of increasing choices in the marketplace
More meaning in your career

Can you identify what your core values are? Or did you just identify a area you need to develop?

Tamra Engle is a independent business strategist based in the S.F. bay area. She assists artists and  business owners Private consultations and special assignments.
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The magic 3 p's in Marketing

Ask yourself what are the things that bring you emotional fulfillment?
If you’re a artist certainly your “art”, what ever medium it manifests itself in-  music, painting, writing, film, are at the top of the list.

Having a successful marketing campaign for your creative business   means you must have the  magic 3 p’s as part of your marketing strategy.

Passion, Purpose, & Product.

Passion: Connecting with your own unique “higher purpose” whether it is raising money for your favorite local charity, ending poverty, or bringing awareness about a service need in your community. 
Including your “emotional fulfillment in your entertainment helps define who you are as a individual brand.  Don’t try to be an advocate for every cause, pick a theme and focus on it.

Purpose:  This is how a creative business defines what it does; it builds loyalty within your organization, and establishes trust with your customers because they see their values in action.  This Purpose helps transform your creative business into an organization with a cause, and individuals will do incredible things to support a cause.

Product:  When you package your “purpose” into your product you have just positioned yourself ahead of the competition. You have given your creative brand a personality and a human characteristic that will resonate with your customers, which will help you, identify very specifically who your “fans” are and help you grow as you connect to your higher purpose.

What are the 3p’s in your creative business?  Let us know in the comments below so more fans can connect with what your doing!

Your inner compass (series)

In my Weeding out creative crushers post, I talked about how family dynamics, cultural and social programming do not always support the development and living of a creative life.

Most of our behavior is guided by our belief system or values, filtering our  attitudes and actions. I refer to this as a  "inner compass",   Have you had that "feeling in your tummy", or said "I can feel it in my gut"?  These values chart the course, direct which paths to take. Pointing us toward health, as well as telling us in a variety of ways if we are in danger, safe, or if something is good or goes against the grain of who we are.

Being Aware:
During this next week, be aware of your "inner-compass" and when you notice it.
 Being aware  is step 1.
The act of actually physically writing things down, helps you to gain clarity and focus and is Step 2- engaging your senses.

3) List 5 the names of people you admire that you have met .
Next to their names list which traits or values these people have that you admire.

4) Which of the traits listed on your admirer's list, do you want to cultivate in yourself?

5) List the names of 5 people living or dead that  you WISH you had met.
 What traits do these people have that you admire?

6) Look at the traits from #1 and #3. What traits do you find in these people, that you can look for in your friends?

7) Write your name down on the list.  Next to your name write down 5 traits from #6 that most resonate with you.    These are the values that guide YOUR direction, opinions and decisions.

 By writing down the values  that are most important to you, and making your decisions based on what is aligned with your inner compass will help bring purpose, direction, happiness, and wholeness.

What was the #1 value you came up with?  I look forward to reading your responses in the comments below!


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