Inspiration and Vision

The Creative Process-Inspiration and Vision 
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The Creative Process: is this  Month's topic featuring weekly installments to help creative business owners-

As we continue our steps through the creative process pyramid we being with the spark that starts it all:

INSPIRATION:  Refers to the "Stimulation of mind, body, or soul to create".
It’s literal meaning “breathed upon”  has spiritual origins of both Helenistic and Hebrew roots,  both sharing  the universal belief that a divine one breathed the inspiration upon us.

What inspires us to create? It varies by individual, ask 5 of your friends or colleges and I bet you'll get 5 different answers.  Some have found solace in a clear bubbling mountain stream, others in watching a sunrise or sunset. Perhaps hearing how a particular melody, verse or story is written alters how you hear music going forward.
Who among us hasn't felt of the joy or heartache from another human, or 4 legged friend.   


Words often have “implied meanings” based upon our cultural mores.
 The word "Inspiration" has a playful connitation, it suggests   fleeting moment that a creative spark or moment occurs- A Divine Presence. You generally don’t think of a “inspiration” being a long lingering event.

Passionon the other hand suggests more of a burning, longer commitment... filled with strong emotional themes like love and rage. 

In creative endeavors this emotional fulfillment is a powerful force that when combined with your personal identity   is the  spark and burining flame of your creative process.


When inspiration hits you, it can be a sudden jolt, like walking around  seeing in dull grey's and suddenly seeing in vivid color. Much like taking dark glasses off when your outside in a beautiful bright sunny garden.
But what do you plan to do with this creative inspiration?

  is the destination  you are headed to, are you creating a  record label, or clothing line? or does your Vision incorporate other ideas?  Writing down a concise  statement about your overall creative direction of your business, doesn’t tell you how you’re going to get there, it is a blue print that sets the direction for your business planning.

When we find and follow our passion and combine it with our inspiration tied together with our vision, then magic really begins to happen.  Your spark and burning desire can spread, and catch others up in the wave of excitement.


A beautiful recent example of combining  identity, Inspiration, and vision features a  astonishing 9 yr old entrepreneur  named Caine Monroy who lives in East LA.  
In this video Director Nirvan Mullick introduces us to Caine, who is armed  with his passion, inspiration, vision  and a few cardboard boxes, gives and gains  personal fulfillment by achieving his vision, and living his dream of “just getting 1 customer”.   Enjoy this video, If you have ever "dreamed" this will resonate with you, even inspire you.


I would love to read or see   how you have utilized your Inspiration and Passion to achieve your Vision in the comments below.

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Ref:  Video: Caines Arcade: Directed Nirvan Mullick.

The magic 3 p's in Marketing

Ask yourself what are the things that bring you emotional fulfillment?
If you’re a artist certainly your “art”, what ever medium it manifests itself in-  music, painting, writing, film, are at the top of the list.

Having a successful marketing campaign for your creative business   means you must have the  magic 3 p’s as part of your marketing strategy.

Passion, Purpose, & Product.

Passion: Connecting with your own unique “higher purpose” whether it is raising money for your favorite local charity, ending poverty, or bringing awareness about a service need in your community. 
Including your “emotional fulfillment in your entertainment helps define who you are as a individual brand.  Don’t try to be an advocate for every cause, pick a theme and focus on it.

Purpose:  This is how a creative business defines what it does; it builds loyalty within your organization, and establishes trust with your customers because they see their values in action.  This Purpose helps transform your creative business into an organization with a cause, and individuals will do incredible things to support a cause.

Product:  When you package your “purpose” into your product you have just positioned yourself ahead of the competition. You have given your creative brand a personality and a human characteristic that will resonate with your customers, which will help you, identify very specifically who your “fans” are and help you grow as you connect to your higher purpose.

What are the 3p’s in your creative business?  Let us know in the comments below so more fans can connect with what your doing!


STARTING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS                                        October 2010

Independent artists everywhere are having to use tools and techniques that they perhaps didn’t consider to achieve commercial success with their art.
Whether physical paintings, sculptures, books, poetry, songs, if your hope is to have audience to purchase your work, then you need to start thinking of your self as not just a artist, but a small business owner.
In today’s economic climate regardless of where you live,  thousands  are considering or being forced into  career changes,  if you have a interest in starting your own business however, are at a loss at what to do to begin, consider this:
  Having a strategic plan   (A plan of action) is an essential 1st step- and not having a clear strategic New research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that most failures of American startups will occur in the first two years of their existence. (1)

 individuals want to “skip the hard stuff” and just jump in counting on “being discovered”.

I’ve provided some key questions and steps for you to go through to see if being an independent business owner is something you are prepared for.

Ask yourself:  “what do I want out of life”?  If your like most people this is a big scary question which is often skipped, or just given a very vague answer like  “I want to be successful” which doesn’t move you any closer to achieving success in your  business.

You must first clarify is your business one of passion and purpose ? or one of profit and practicality?  When you are able to blend the two that is when you really achieve success.

A purpose and passion business is one born from your love of doing something, your business provides you with your “higher purpose” ie: it is something you would do even if you didn’t get paid.  Individuals fulfilled by these businesses can make a very good living but that isn’t the main motivation for why they do what they do.

Sometimes your passion isn’t at all profitable or practical unless it taps into a coming trend and you have solid research contained in your business plan  indicate it will be  a sure thing.
These businesses can be very profitable, or if not  it will simply feel like a very low paying bad job.

I am going to assume that you are considering starting a business relating to something you are passionate about.

The following questions you should consider to make a living wage and profit from your passion.

1)    Can you create a product or service that fills a need YOU have?
2)    Is there already a proven market for what you want to do?
3)    Is there healthy competition doing what you want to do?
4)    Can you find a way to stand out from others doing what you do?
5)    Can you utilize the Internet to generate leads with little cost?
6)    Can you make 200-300% profit on what you want to do?
7)    Can you sell a package rather than time?
8)    Is there a successful similar business you can go work for?
9)    Can you start small and grow?
10)  Can you visualize what a perfect day in your business would look like in 3-5 years.

If your ready to roll up your sleeves and get started,  and need some assistance let’s talk, I would love to help you have success and fulfillment with your business!

(2)  John Jantsch- duct tape marketing
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