The Perfect Friday Night

How often do you get to see ALL your favorite Bay Area artists on one bill?
All you need is chocolate and your got a perfect date for this  Friday Night

@ Club Fox,Redwood City
(formerly Lil'Fox)

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Small Business Saturday

If you have grown up in the US you are well aware of what I call the consumer related holidays,
Holidays that were invented to give consumers REASONS to buy cards, gifts...
BLACK FRIDAY was one of those days, so named by the shopping frenzy that takes place the day after Thanksgiving.
 The resulting sales were hoped to get the company "in the black" from a accounting standpoint.  This was a marketing gimmick that has resulted in billions of dollars in the big business market.

If your like me, your pretty tired of the big corporations clammoring for all your hard earned money with little in return.  This year you may have heard of SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY  This is a terrific way to support the small local businesses, restaurants, and services you love and who do not have access to "bail out money" to help survive these crazy economic times.

These are wonderful opportunities to look toward your local art community for your entertainment and gift giving solutions.

Check out these recommendations I have for your gift giving:


5297A College Ave.
Oakland, CA 94618
P: (510) 547-1630  

Purchase gift certificates for Personal Training sessions, Pilate's, Massages. This state of the art facility and staff has something special for EVERYONE!  Weekend warriors to Olympic / Professional athletes.
One session at this clinic and you will see why it's winning awards year after year as the BEST place for performance and rehabilitative care.

La Peluqueria Hair Salon - Patricia Lewis
1600 Shattuck Ave,  BerkeleyCA 94709

Tierra Tech Corporation Lucy Perry  Owner                                

Web design, quality assurance, business support svc. 
If you have been holding off on getting a "real" website or support services Tierra Tech is the best!

Blue Water Ventures:  
Kim Powell, Owner                   
 Santa Cruz, CA 
During the holiday months trying to figure out what to do with
the family?  Call or email Kim she can put together a very affordable fun event (in locations here and all  over the world!!!) that everyone will be asking for!  OR buy gift certificates for later in the year!

Caryne Mount- Zesty Scraps
Designer- Zesty Scraps and so much more, Caryne designed two outfits for me for the Grammy awards, she's done costumes for the Diablo Valley Ballet Nutcracker.
This season she is offering super affordable fun bags, that are perfect for yoga, the studio, or shopping!  (email her she can send you pics)
AND you can commission her to do just about anything that involves a needle and thread and she is a genius!


My sponsors are here:  NOTE: when you click on the links in my website and you get bigger savings!


Giving CD's is always a easy inexpensive gift.  This year I suggest  you  book these artists for a upcoming living room concert!  it is very easy and affordable!

Jason Cale:  (Amazing emerging artist, producer you will be hearing alot of, toured w/ John Popper, Doobie Bros and more, big bands to acoustic he can cover it all!)
Savannah Jo Lack  (Amazing Award winning artist who you have heard on Alanis Morrisette, Rod Stewart, and many Nashville artists who are too many to name! Catch her while you can she is JUST back from her Australian Tour)
Coyote Grace  Americana harmony based duo fresh back from tours w/ the Indigo Girls & Girlyman, one of my very favs! )
Ruth Gerson (You have seen her in your living room on Conan, Letterman, and Craig Ferguson Shows, one of the biggest hearts and voices around!).

When contacting these artists and businesses make sure and let them know I recommend you! (it helps manage our small business more effectively when we know where our business is coming from!)

Please post your comments after you have experienced these incredible businesses, & artists let me know your thoughts!  

And know that buy supporting local artists your are helping support local communities!
what a wonderful gift that is for us all!

Happy giving and receiving, 


Providing business solutions for creative minds



 Host a holiday song contest:

Scenrio:  You are a performing songwriter, producer, DJ looking for collaborative opportunities,
Craigslist ad’s are not bringing in any good collaborative prospects.
 Your feeling  stuck not meeting anyone.

The great news is, in a evolving market you can get VERY creative with ways to meet, and share music- This is a really simple way to grow your network.

If your like most artist you have VERY LITTLE money.   (this is where getting creative comes in).
Look at  the tools you have available to you.
Social media tools like reverb nation, facebook, twitter, bebo, some folks may still use myspace… and on and on and on.

Beside posting endless gig announcements, and endlessly “FRIENDING” that does nothing to grow your fan base, (did all of your 2472 "friends" buy your cd or artwork?) What ways have you used your social media sites to grow your fan base with cash spending customers?
if your like most people probably nothing.
  That is about to change.

Host a holiday themed song contest:

  • 1)    Engage with your fans
  • 2)    Leverage other artists networks to jump start your social network. Share your networks, combine your fans, grow both of your fan bases!
  •     Meet other artists to collaborate with, or  share a show with you.

  •  Make it interesting for your fans so they WANT to come to one of your shows. 
  • Remember, in even a medium sized metro area  there are only 47 different shows for fans  to choose from on a Saturday night, and  most fans probably only have  the cash to go to  just ONE show.  You bet they  want to be ENTERTAINED! 
  • Give them something fun to watch and listen too!
Bring on the  Punk / symphony players, and the Jazz metal polka tunes ;o)
4)    Combine your audiences to expand the # of new people coming to your show who will buy your cds and merch- Do merch bundles with the artist your playing with (together you’ll make more $$ that way!)
5)    Expand your Songwriting portfolio
6)    Get YOUR music into other artists hands

These are all great reasons to give this idea  a try right?

I used facebook to host a Halloween music contest.

Songwriters were invited to submit a track that fans could then vote on to select their “favorite” Halloween song.
Everyone that submitted a song, and voted would be given a free Halloween playlist for participating, and all the smart artists were able to add 10 new potential songwriting partners to their network, AND get their music into the hands of thousands of new people. (Something for EVERYONE).

After the contest:  What were the results?  It was fun to host,  I gave away a 1 hour artist business consultation  to our winner.  Kerry Grombacher:
Even though this was a small contest (by social media standards) here are some of the results that I have learned about :

2 of the songwriters,  have planned a tour,  and have scheduled  songwriting sessions with one another 
(you don’t have to live the same part of the country to do this!) 

1 songwriters daughter submitted a song, (which was picked up for a licensing opportunity with NPR THE AFTERNOON  was posted, the song is that good! )  AND, this song 
is raising money to help other kids, the song (if you download the song you pay $1 which is donated to  Smile Train, who helps children with cleft palettes obtain surgery, and smiles!  
Listen to the song, and buy the download, it's a great cause!

So what are you waiting for?
Use your social media network to grow your network-
If you want to wade in slowly:
I am hosting a HOLIDAY MUSIC CONTEST to continue the fun:

I am looking forward hearing your submissions, and helping you make some new fans, and perhaps find some collaborative partners to work with.

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& if your ready to dive in, 
Let’s set up some time to talk!

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