Spring Forward w/ your business

 The 1st quarter of the year is behind us.
Are you on track to earn what you planned?
Do you feel confident you will achieve what you want this year?

What projects have you completed?

Are you happy with your progress so far?

Would it help if you could- Discuss your idea's and priorities with another artist and business executive?

-Artist Branding-Development

-Project Management
-Review a upcoming project or plan

-Owning- Starting or Growing your business
-Lifestyle Re-focus, Balance
-Business Planning
-Identifying and overcoming roadblocks

 After a initial consultation you will walk away with a lots of ideas and recommendations to get you back on track-
Or let me help you launch your next creative project or business!


 My clients live all around the world- in every time zone- Each relationship is unique, based upon your own personality, and priorities.

 Our initial consultation is a 1 hour meeting. We meet in a environment that is conducive to effectively communicating within the confines of your busy schedule. I recommend a  environment conducive to having a conversation, often simply going for a walk or coffee, to be in a neutral environment, to help obtain key background information.
I often travel to client locations for project work and short term assignments. I work with individuals and large corporations, and successfully completed projects with a budgets up to $10 million Dollars (US).
In addition to face to face meetings, we have a variety of tools to stay in touch based upon the clients needs.

Why you want me on your team

In over 25 yrs I have gathered the tools to take a idea from conception to develop a successful business model.
 Consulting with new and established business owners with strategies to identify, launch, or develop new revenue generating models to maximize your earning potential, or help you develop the type of creative business and brand that attracts investors, and representation.

Experience Highlights:

-Professional studio Musician
-National Touring Musician (U.S/Mexico)
-Project Management (PMI certified)
-Artist / Business Development and Branding
-Business Operations for organizations from individuals, start up to fortune 500 organizations-
-Reviewed and consulted in Not for Profit environments
-Aquisitions and investor sales.
-Business review and assessment
-Technology Review and assessment-
-Coaching and developing businesses and brands with a focus on lifestyle balance

Additional services to help you or your small business
Producer- for your next demo, EP, or CD
Motivational speaking
Workshops for your group or small business.
All clients are in my referral network,  I help connect you to partners appropriate for helping you meet your goals, and create collaborative opportunities.


If you are passionate about your creative career and also believe in preserving our environment, and keeping music and arts education accessible to school age children, then we already have quite a bit in common!
Working together we can accomplish anything we properly plan for- I offer you enthusiasm, encouragement, and the experience to help you achieve.

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Purchase before  May 1st 2012 for your  special "spring forward" pricing-

Initial meeting options

Individual 1 hr $49.95 USD

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Group/band $89.95 USD

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Sm biz $99.00 USD

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How high can you go? (pt 3 of a series)

February posts are are focusing on ways you can get additional visibility as an Indie Artist. 
How high can you go? is part 3 of this series.
Transitions occur in the music industry, the brightest stars, suddenly, ridiculously, gone.

Fame comes at a price, for a addict that is generally a fatal combination.

Think carefully about how high you want to be.


Do you want to be a known nationally touring act?
Do you want to rock your local scene and live off your tip jar earnings?
Perhaps  tour in your geographic region once or twice a year?
Do you seriously want International super-stardom?

All  levels require lots of hard work.  The last one requires something more for a select few that have that "special something"

The best way to maximize your visibility is to take a hard look at how big the fishbowl you want to rule is.  There are levels of success in any industry.
 In the entertainment industry there is tremendous pressure to produce results and sell records.  No spotlight is hotter than being a  pop / RB Female artist- Listen to Grammy winning producer Narada describe working with Whitney Houston and what  her schedule was like during the peak of her career.

We are all born superstars

 I watched a 60 minutes interview before the 53rd Grammy telecast  featuring Stephani Germonatta.  

Stephani, is a  University of New York drop out, who began studying piano at 4, and went to a catholic girls school, where she was bullied and felt she never fit in.

You look at her in this 2006 picture you don’t notice anything particularly interesting or memorable about her right?  Fortunatly, Stephani knew this too...

Most of you probably do not even know about Stephani Germonatta, but more about her tireless alter ego who has been touring for the better part of 3 years Lady Gaga, the Alexander McQueen boot wearing fashonista who totters around from award show to award show.
 When Gaga performs, I am consistently reminded of other artists. A carefully blended compilation of 5 or 6 mega stars that came before her, artists who all intimately knew their own brand, and applied it  quite successfully to their business.
 Gaga, is a self-proclaimed student of art, fashion, and claims “I am the master of the art of fame”.   Studying the artistry of others, while being a creation all her own.
When you watch Gaga at the piano, you see, Elton & Freddie Mercury. On stage, Cher, Madonna Alice Cooper and a little Wendy O Williams.  All of whom were ALSO experts of their own brands.

She preaches her mantra of self-empowerment, and self-acceptance, and it draws the masses to her in droves like bee’s to honey. To her emotive tear stained fans she testifies from the stage: “Tonight- reject anything or anyone who has ever made you feel like you don’t belong, Free yourself of these things tonight!!” She speaks these words from her heart, as one of them.  They view her as their queen,  and she lovingly refers to them as “her little monsters” are devoted to her.

   Gaga presents herself as a piece of living performance art, not simply a pop star, or even queen.  
She is a self proclaimed academic when it comes to music and fashion,  every piece of clothing, make up, and props, she has completely researched and studied the reference of it. Who inspired it, to help reinforce the story or concept she is selling.  At the VMA awards wearing nothing but raw meat and accompanied by several discharged gay service men, she explained this was her commentary on don’t ask don’t tell. 

Her outrageous outfits are a brilliant distraction to keep people from asking questions about her personal life.  “as part of mastering the art of fame" "is getting people to focus on what YOU want them to pay attention to”. Gaga warns “What most artists do wrong, is lie to their fans, “I am not a liar, I build good will with my fans, I am just like them”.
The sociology of how people got, kept, and lost fame, allows her to maintain a certain privacy without feeling them feeling like she is withholding anything from her fans.  Whether it’s performing Paparazzi covered in stage blood, hanging “dead” above the stage, answers the question you might wonder- What will she look like when she is dead? Gaga explains,“Everyone wants to see the decay of the superstar, we live in a age where people want to see someone who has it all, lose it all”.
 It’s dramatic and the masses eat it up so fast that Forbes magazine predicts she is on track to make 100 million this year.

Gaga is a graduate student who uses messages that resonate deeply with her to weave into a persona for the masses and it remains to be seen whether she will have the staying power of the giants that came before her, for hear and now it's great theatre, and a master class on what is essential to the making of a mega star.

How do you utilize themes important to you to differentiate your brand, and grow your fan base?
 I would love to hear your stories.


60 minutes Anderson Cooper:  http://dai.ly/hFzzJe

Photo credits:

Cleaning House

Are  you basking in the glow of  your holiday buzz?  You know the buzz  from the endless stream of baked goodies that has filled your tummy?
In this glow cast your thoughts forward to the New Year and ponder what 2011 will bring your way.

 Are you ready to move into a growth phase in your artistic business?
Did you have a hard economic year in 2010? And not care to repeat that this year?   
Then this is the perfect time to take advantage of some year-end down time  & get your "business house in order".
This will give you a head start on your competition, and make it easier for you to start, or expand your business plan for 2011.

Memberships / Conferences / Subscriptions-   Get your computer, checkbook and a notepad.  Make a list of all the sites  & services you pay a submission fee or monthly membership fee to:
 Your NACA, Folk Alliance, Grammy memberships, monthly newsletter service, Sonic Bids, Taxi, or any other organizations you might have paid a membership, re-occurring, or submission fee to.  If you don't already track your monthly expenses and income check out   Google documents they have some really great free templates to get you started keeping track of your monthly expenses and income and have this information easily accessible. Then next year when you do this you have everything in one document at your fingertips.

I had a client this year go through this exercise this summer and nearly died when they found they had spent  over $7,500 in re-occurring charges going out to Sonic Bids“ artist song submission & performance opportunities” 

1)    Return on your investment?  Ask yourself what did you get out of those expenditures?  Did you get any gigs from your $2,500 worth of Sonic bid submissions? Probably not. 
How about the $1,500 for festival/conference submissions?  Perhaps you got 1 festival booking, but that was the festival that you  forgot the bag that had  all your merchandise you had planned to sell, which would have paid for the trip. Or a expensive booking conference that resulted in NO new bookings?
     Or how about  those $99 submissions to get your song on 500 internet radio stations?- next time find your favorite charity to donate $99 to you will then at least get the tax write off for your charitable contribution.  

You will quickly see where your business might be hemorrhaging, AND as important where you are getting the most “bang for your buck”.
 If you have a membership to a local organization that provides you access and information which will help you grow your business; then, you will  want to keep them as a valuable tool for your business.
Or, if  you are just dumping endless submission or monthly fees into a black hole and getting nothing in return, time to cut your loses and move on.

2)    Grow-Learn-Look at ALL the tools you are using. Are you maximizing their effectiveness?  If not take advantage of  Google and watch a 5 minute quick tips video- read blogs, talk to colleagues, volunteer to help out at a upcoming industry related events, these are  excellent ways to  educate yourself & give back.
What professional networks do you belong to?
Are you meeting new people every month? and actually following up w/ the meetings?
Are you developing collaborative relationships?
Or are these area's that you need to work more on? 

3) Share: What are you doing to give back? Are you aligned with individuals, organizations and professional networks that support your core values? If not, time to start seeking them out, and volunteer at a upcoming event, no better way to learn and grow that to be involved right?

If you feel you can be doing more, you probably can be.   For tips check out www.NARIP.com, www.ascap.com, www.bmi.com Many folks do not realize our Performing Rights Organization or P.R.O.'s  have many  valuable resources available  for you to check  out!

Remember, face to face interaction has NEVER stopped being important.  Take a break from your online “friending” and schedule time to schedule regular meetings for lunch or a drink after work, or go to that workshop or panel discussion on a topic you need to learn more about.  Meet individuals  to see where you might have some common interests, and a opportunity to create something successful TOGETHER.

I would love to read your comments on any of your surprises from your  “house cleaning” exercise.  If you want to get started on organizing your year then Lets talk!


Providing business solutions for creative minds


Google Documents-
Photo credit: keephomesimple.blogspot.com

5 QUICK TIPS- Make the holidays work for YOU

If your like many, the holidays seem to sneak upon you, with little warning, you suddenly find your inbox and social media friends announcing cool shows, and you feel like your left out in the cold? 

Here are 5 quick tips to help each of you "Make the holiday's work for YOU!

1) Book Your Holiday Shows Early 
 There are plenty of high-paying holiday events that need live music.
Get in on some of that easy money, or host your own show. It doesn’t have to be holiday related, either.
December is a very slow month for music journalists and they tend to have far less interesting news to cover, so it is also the perfect month to book a big CD release show and get some press coverage while you’re at it.

  2) Record a Holiday Single  This is a terrific way to stay connected
With your fans, (and exercise those songwriting chops).
It also makes a nice gift for your fans.
*You can participate in a free promotional contest like this:

|    3) Download Cards Make Great Gifts What’s  green, small, inexpensive, and come customized with your album art ?  CD DOWNLOAD CARDS ! 
     You can pick up 100 cards for under $60.00 what are you waiting for!
There are also  a number of promotional uses for your download cards. 
You could do a Twitter contest and use them as prizes to generate excitement for your music around the holiday season. 
Give them to particularly awesome fans- Spread the gift of YOUR music!

4) Leverage Social Networks Social networks are the perfect place to get people talking about your music. Share some of your own personal picks for the season. Stir a little excitement with a giveaway contest. Encourage fan involvement. Remember, social networks are most effective when you converse with your followers, so don’t just shout at them like a desperate street vendor.0

5) Holiday gift bundles: Limited-time only sales!
Bundle your cd with Tshirts, stickers, or other merchandise items to create holiday “gift packs”.
(price them to sell- ie: buy my Tshirt gift pack and get my EP for FREE)
Promote this on your social media sites and in your monthly newsletter to fans.

Are your interested in having consistant results creating more awareness, and selling more product ?  Then let’s talk!

Tamra Engle is a performing songwriter and business strategist who offers business solutions for creative minds to help them succeed in the evolving music and entertainment industries. As a performing singer-songwriter she has worked as a studio musician in Los Angeles; toured the U.S. and enjoyed the placement of her songs on television and nationally aired commercials. Her recent album was on the final round ballot for the 2008 Grammy's in the Best Contemporary Folk Album category.

Discovering your purpose

One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me was the love of books, and the desire to do anything I set my mind to.
(as long as I had a plan to do it right).

  I have conversations with friends and collegues everyday who are frustrated with being stuck and simply not knowing how to be able to make a living doing what they love.
 Many of us spend our lives endlessly searching for the quick fix to fill us.  I know I spent years, focusing on making money because that's what I thought, and was told,  was the important thing to focus on.  Yes, the great green does provide us with the "comfort" of having "things" around us, it doesn't really quench our thirst for fullfillment to do what WE love.

I know I have been given blessing  to search and seek what I love. For me, it took a huge life changing moment to stop me to acknowledge what I had known deep in my heart, that  I was chasing the wrong thing for the wrong reason. 

So I set forth to follow my calling,  and part of my work is to share this with others, and  help others "discover their calling" then, drop by drop our little pool grows into a great ocean of fulfillment.

We spend our lives seeking to feed 3 hungers:

1) To connect w/ the creative spirit of life:  At some point we become aware of the creative energy all around us.

2) To know and express your gifts:  Everyone contains some unique talent(s) some discovered some yet to be discovered- for the undiscovered many seek fulfillment in countless ways, 
the fastest cars, the biggest house, affairs, addictions, distractions from the day to day constantly searching for "IT".  Many spend their lifetimes looking for the thing that will provided the fulfillment they seek.

3)To know our lives matter:  Each of us wants to know that we will leave behind a reminder of their existence, a impression that we have left for others to see and experience after we have left.

Fulfillment is achieved by feeding all 3 of these hungers- we can make alot of money, have fame, but success w/out fulfillment means you are not feeding all 3 hungers!

First start with yourself- not the external demands put upon you or the situation.

Then, discover what makes you unique?  Where do you find your joy and passion?  When you connect with your passion your chances of success are HUGE. 

Finally find peace / solitude- The greatest gift you can give yourself is a quiet space, maybe it is a favorite hiking path, a favorite rock to stare out on the city, ocean or open space.  maybe a sunny corner of your favorite room.  If this solitude place is someplace that takes time to get to, then create a space where you can find a similar peace of mind.
 A client of mine, used posters, colors, and a ipod  to replicate the beach in her urban space.  This quiet place will help you deal with the starting w/ yourself, uniqueness, discovering where you find joy and connecting.  Your imagination is a powerful, and FREE tool you can use anytime everyday!


What is your ideal of "living the good life"?  In today's society  we are consumers, we focus on "things" the kind of car we drive, the designer clothing we wear, the cool new gadget everyone has, the neighborhood we live in.  Distill things to these elements:
Living in a place that you feel you  belong, with people your love and in relationships that work (including the relationship with yourself).  Having the right work.  When you focus on something you believe in with your heart & soul in a environment that represents who your are, and doing the tasks w/ purpose  you have suddenly found the meaning for yourself,  rather than trying to be something to everyone else.


Tamra Engle is a performing songwriter and business strategist who offers business solutions for creative minds to help them succeed in the evolving music and entertainment industries. As a performing singer-songwriter she has worked as a studio musician in Los Angeles; toured the U.S. and enjoyed the placement of her songs on television and nationally aired commercials. Her recent album was on the final round ballot for the 2008 Grammy's in the Best Contemporary Folk Album category.


  • Helping others achieve success doing what they love.
  • Insuring music education remains accessible to school age children.
  • Ending Violence against Women & Children.
  • Reef Preservation/Restoration
  • Deep Sea Diving


Richard Leider- The  Power of  Purpose
as recommended by Robert Temple 

Are YOU the next American Idol?

American Idol Registration for Season 10 is being held in SF on August 17-18 w/ auditions scheduled on August 19th  @ ATT Park-  
Season 9 finalists Adam Lambert & Alison Iraheta both got their start at the SF Audition’s last season-

If you are 28 years of age or younger and a unsigned artist;  you MUST  have a plan, and air tight audition prepared to help guarentee a successful audition.
 *Show FAQ’s and information are listed on: americanidol.com/auditions

What are the secrets to getting past the initial round of auditions and onto the show? 

-Capturing a unique “star power”
-GET in front of the judges and through to the audition.

To do this correctly requires understanding the A.I. Audition process, preparation, lots of stamina, good humor,  And sticking to your plan.

Key area’s I  can assist  you with:

1)    Preparing for the screening and interviews before the  audition
2)    What to wear
3)    Selecting the right song to audition with
4)    Preparing for your performance mentally, physically, and spiritually
5)    Preparing your voice
6)    Rehearsing w/ Accompaniment
7)    Rehearsing on key consistently w/o accompaniment
8)    Video Performance Coaching
9)    Understanding the process from start to finish
10)  The 3 P's- Stage Patter / Performance / Perfection

In each city there are thousands that vie for a audition spot before the judges only about 100-200 make it to the judges evaluation  from there only 10-30 from each city to  actually make it to the Hollywood audition.

If you think you are the next American Idol?  You can prepare yourself for success with the proper guidance, practice, and coaching.

If your interested in gaining every advantage to have a great audition,  I have coached and prepared artists for showcase opportunities for SXSW, Folk Alliance, ASCAP AWARDS, GRAMMY’S & More…. contact me to help!

Tamra Engle is a performing songwriter, musician and consultant who offers strategic business solutions for creative minds to help them succeed in the evolving music and entertainment industries.
As a performing singer-songwriter whose recent album was on the final round ballot for the 2008 Grammy's in the Best Contemporary Folk Album category.
Tamra began her entertainment career as a studio musician In Los Angeles, Toured Nationally, and enjoyed placement of her songs on television and nationally aired ad campaigns.

-Helping others achieve success doing what they love.

- Insuring music education remains accessable to school age children.

- Ending Violence against Women & Children.

Individuals interested in making a difference in their lives and careers may contact Tamra at her website at www.tamraengle.com

External References:

Gasoline Soaked Acoustic Rock Duo

Two great shows not to miss in Sept:

Featuring Tamra Engle & Jeni Day

9/19 Caffe Trieste
2500 San Pablo Ave (next to good vibezzzzzzz)
Berkeley, Ca. 8pm

9/20 Kayak & Beach Concert 9:30-6pm
Kayak in the Monterey Bay (meet cute girls or bring your own!)
followed by a amazing beach concert
for details and registration go to:

About the artists:
TAMRA ENGLE: An award winning singer/songwriter who's latest release The Blonde Flame Sessions was on the
nominating ballot for the 50th annual Grammy awards. Her sound has the rock sensibilities of Fleetwood Mac & the folk edge of early Neil Young. Her music has been placed in films, TV, & commercials: www.tamraengle.com

JENI DAY: Singer/Songwriter Indie-Music.com warns "if you aren't stirred or moved in some way by Day's guitar playing, then
you must really check for a pulse." As humble in person as she is badass with a bick in hand Jeni will soon have you saying "Girl's aren't supposed to play guitar like that!" Yeah RIGHT!
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